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Five iconic works in La Trobe’s Art Collection – and where to find them

Esteemed gallery director Karen Quinlan shares the University’s vision for public art in a cross-campus tour of La Trobe’s Art Collection.

NGV director Tony Ellwood serves his community through art

La Trobe Bendigo alumnus Tony Ellwood AM shares his vision for audiences and art, and reveals how regional experiences have influenced how he runs the NGV.

Five reasons to join an alumni chapter or network in 2019

Joining a chapter or network is a great way to stay connected with your fellow alumni and the wider La Trobe community. Find out what's on offer in 2019 and why you should get involved.

Gloria's scholarship gives her confidence to drive social change

To pursue a career that holds meaning and aligns with your values can be a dream come true. Thanks to a generous scholarship, La Trobe social work student Gloria can now follow her dream.

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