Research delivers smoke taint toolkit

La Trobe University-led research is providing clarity for the Australian grape and wine industry dealing with the impacts of smoke from controlled burns and bushfires.

Boosting health workers' skills

More than 300 health workers are upskilling to provide mental health s

La Trobe unveils new Strategic Plan

Charting La Trobe's future direction

New partnership increases choice online

La Trobe enters partnership with Wiley Education Services

Verily Connect trial a success

Verily Connect uses technology to support to carers in rural areas

‘Died from’ or ‘died with’ COVID-19?

We need a transparent approach to counting coronavirus deaths

Should I stop running if my knee hurts?

Are fears about running supported by science?

The rights of people with disabilities

People with disabilities are among groups most at risk from COVID-19

The complexity of the China-US rivalry

Sino-American competition is a serious challenge still unrealised

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Governments should be transparent about what is (and is not) being counted as a COVID-19 death

Dr Marc Trabsky - Senior Lecturer, La Trobe Law School and Director, Centre for Health, Law and Society, La Trobe University & Courtney Hempton - Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University

Does running worsen knee pain and osteoarthritis?

Christian Barton - Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, MRFF Fellow, La Trobe University & Ewa M Roos - Professor of Muscle and Joint Health, University of Southern Denmark

People with disabilities are among the groups most at risk in this pandemic

Professor Christine Bigby - Director of the Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

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