Australian ants prepared

La Trobe University researchers have uncovered an exception to the global phenomenon known as ‘Insect Armageddon’ in the largest study of Australian insect populations conducted to date

Secrets of a sex changing fish revealed

It is revealed some fish can change their sex in just 10 days

Nurses and lawyers' heavy drinking study

La Trobe leads research into heavy drinking among nurses and lawyers

Plant nutrient detector breakthrough

New La Trobe led research could save Australian farmers millions

La Trobe's online MBA recognised

La Trobe’s online MBA recognised with improved rankings

Bad timing for Australia-China relations

Yang's work as a writer has been critical of the Chinese regime

Language boost for kids at autism risk

Video intervention gives promising language boost for kids with autism

Unlocking chemo-resistance in cancer

La Trobe researcher discovers how cancer becomes resistant to chemo

Maternal secrets of our earliest ancesto

New insights into early human breastfeeding

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